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“I Am Blessed !”

God said in His Word that you and I are blessed ! As a born again believer, believing in what Jesus did on the Cross and being obedient to His Commands to go and make disciples, be fruitful and multiply, we are walking in that blessing. We may not always feel like we are blessed because our natural man wants life perfect from our job, spouse, friends, money etc. so we measure our blessing based on what we want and not what we need. God said that His Blessing makes us rich in all of these areas in our life and He provides all our needs. Our old way of thinking causes us to have feelings that lead to depression, worry, anxiety but when we do what is right or righteous and think about what is true, pure and lovely our feelings change to line up with Gods Word. You and I are blessed when we are walking with God, being obedient to His Word - God is for and not against you ! You are Blessed !