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April 29, 2009  

“Cast of Characters: Nicodemus”

Pastor continues his wednesday night series on the Cast of Characters with Nicodemus.

April 26, 2009  

“Daniel verses the Lions”


Pastor continues in the classics series with "Daniel vs. the Lions"

April 22, 2009  

“Esther: Touching the Kings Heart”


Pastor continues his Wednesday Night Series "Cast of Characters."

Part 3

April 19, 2009  

“The Bride and Groom”


Pastor Brooks speaks on the Groom (Jesus Christ) coming back for his Bride (the Church).

April 15, 2009  

Cast of Characters Week 2


Pastor Brooks continues in his series on the Cast of Characters using the life of David

April 12, 2009  

“His Life: His Victory”


Easter Morning 2009. Pastor Brooks preaches about Christ's victory over the cross and the grave with the help of Barabbas and the Choir.

Recorded 4/12/09 10:15am

April 10, 2009  

“Good Friday”


Pastor Brooks speaks about how Christ was crushed for our sins and by His Grace alone are we saved.

4/10/09 12:30PM

April 5, 2009  

“His Life: His Grace”

Pastor Brooks reflects on the Last Supper, and His Grace that God sent his son to this earth for us.

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