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July 26, 2009  

“Extravagant Worship”


Pastor Matt South (Creative Arts and Worship Pastor) speaks out of Luke 7 about the woman who poured out her Alabaster Box at Jesus' feet.

Recorded 7/26/09 10:15am

July 19, 2009  

“Fix Your Eyes on Jesus”

Pastor Brooks speaks out of Hebrews 12 and encourages the body to fix our eyes on Jesus.

Recorded 7/19/09 10:15am

July 12, 2009  

“Living a Life God Cant Refuse to Promote”

John Jacobs speaks on Sunday Morning about the women with the jar of perfume.

Mark 14:3

Recorded 7/12/09 10:15

July 5, 2009  

Pastor Ed Ramold

Pastor Ed Ramold speaks on the woman caught in adultery.


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