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September 30, 2012  

“3rd Commandment: What a Beautiful Name”

Pastor Brooks continues in the BIG commandments with the 3rd Commandment: Do Not Misuse God's Name

September 23, 2012  

“2nd Commandment: No Other Gods”

Pastor Brooks continues in the 10 commandments with the second commandment: No Other Gods

September 16, 2012  

“1st Commandment: Just One God”

Pastor Begins the Big Commandment's with the 1st Commandment: Just One God

September 9, 2012  

“Picnic Sunday 2012″

Pastor Brooks uses common everyday things to illustrate God's truth's.

September 2, 2012  

“Intro to the Ten Commandments”

Pastor Brooks intros the 10 commandments.

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