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March 30, 2014  

“Panic or Peace” Exodus 13-14

Pastor continues in Exodus with Panic or Peace.

March 23, 2014  

“Boldness” and Uganda Update

Pastor Art Thomas speaks about the trip to Uganda, and shares about being bold in your community and your world.

March 16, 2014  

“A Plague…A Passover” Exodus 11-12

Pastor Brooks continues in Exodus with "A Plague… A Passover" Exodus 11-12

March 10, 2014  

“The Authority of the Church” Metro South Sectional Council 2014

Rev. Wayne Benson speaks on "The Authority of the Church" 

Recorded 3/10/14 at Metro South's Sectional Council. 
March 9, 2014  

“Lessons from the Plagues”

Pastor Brooks speaks on Pt1 of the plagues. 

March 2, 2014  

“Dealing with the Unexpected”

Pastor Brooks continues in the Exodus series with "Dealing with the Unexpected". 

1. Run to the Lord, Not Away from Him.
2. Resist Drawing Premature Conclusions.
3. Keep Doing What is Right 
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