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April 29, 2015  

“Faithfulness” Fruit Of The Spirit (Week #6)

The bible says that God is faithful (all the time).  The evidence or proof that God is working in us,  is we are faithful as well. The fruit of the spirit in Galatians 5 that Paul speaks of, said there is proof or a measuring stick to see if we are in Christ or changing from our old way of living - the natural man. Faithfulness is one of those areas. Faith is trust and obedience, and Faithfulness is a character trait, or fruit, that shows faith over the long run. Our faith shows that we trust, faithfulness shows that we can be trusted. Please watch/ listen to this Wednesday teaching to see if you are faithful/obedient to God. Lesson begins at 25:15 mark (current events are first).

April 26, 2015  

Stop the Strife in Your Life

Do you know someone who is argumentative? always has to be right? prideful? maybe that's you ? God says that we need to stop causing strife. God has a plan for you and it's to prosper you for His purpose but He can't if you cause strife. God also commands us to confront those who are causing strife - at church, home, place of business. If we allow ourselves or someone to continue in strife, God's Word says that it is  a fire from hell and it will destroy everything around it. God has a great plan for you and in order to walk in it we need to get rid of strife (pride, always having to be right, confrontational spirit). Some people bring joy where ever they go and some when ever they go. Please listen to this Sunday message on how to get rid of strife in your life.
April 22, 2015  

“Peace” Fruit Of The Spirit (Week #5)

Peace is something everyone tries to obtain - from countries, work environments, classrooms, households and in our own personal lives. How do we obtain Peace ? Gods Word says that He, God Himself can give us peace - long lasting peace. The world or our natural man tries to make peace by trying a temporal fix, but it doesn’t last. Jesus said that He leaves the follower of Christ His Peace which is His Word. Gods Word is truth and it has the answer for everything that is causing confusion in your life. Confusion or not knowing what to do steals your peace. God is not the author of confusion but the giver of Peace through obedience to His Word. Please listen or watch this Wednesdays teaching on Peace. Note: The lesson begins at the 14:24 mark following current events.

April 19, 2015  

“Gods Plan For You Is To Fear Nothing”

Do you want to know God's Plan for you life? how to handle a tough marriage situation? finances? paying for kids college? relationship issues with family and friends? First thing to do is stop the fear ! Go to Gods' Word which contains the answer or plan for anything your are facing. Fear paralyzes your emotions and actions, God's Word fills you with faith, sets you free and gives you clarity. Remember, "Fear tolerated is faith contaminated!" If you chose to live in obedience to Gods Word, His Commands, knowing His Promises -  fear has to leave! Stop being a "thermometer" which is fear based, to your natural circumstances that seem impossible and be a "thermostat" full of faith which is your supernatural right (righteousness) as a child of God. Speak the Word and "Fear Not" and open your eyes to Gods promises - with God all things are possible! This is Week 2 of 4 of the Sunday morning series  "How To Know And Live In Gods Plan" by Pastor Grant.

April 15, 2015  

“Self Control” Fruit Of The Spirit (Week #4)

The bible says you shall be known by your fruit or to the extent you allow God's Word to be manifested in your life. There are 9 characteristics to this fruit and as believers we are responsible to make sure our fruit is growing in all 9 areas. Self Control is one of those areas that is commanded by God that we exhibit and not only does self-control mean saying no to yourself, it also means doing what has to be done. One of the responsibilities the Holy Spirit has is  make people do things they don’t want to do to achieve the results they want to achieve. That is done by bring God's Word, His Commands into our remembrance. Please listen/watch this Wednesday night teaching on Self Control.

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April 12, 2015  

How to Know and Live in God’s Plan

All of us at some point in our lives have asked God "Whats The Plan?" or "I need to know what you want me to do". Just some of those "things" are: marriage, job, finances, relationships, raising children, relocating etc. Gods Word already has the plan for everything we could ever think of or ask. His Plan or Will is for us to be obedient to His Word or Commands and all of the other "things" will be taken care of. We often ask God on what to do when He has already told us, but we are looking for a different way, our way or the seemingly easier way. Gods plan, is not to harm us but to prosper us, His Word is the Plan for every single one of us. As we become more obedient we move along in the next phase or page of the blue print. Watch this Sundays message on how to know and walk in Gods plan.

April 9, 2015  

“Longsuffering/Patience” Fruit Of The Spirit (Week #3)

God is patient with us and He commands us to be patient with others. He says in His Word that He is patient because He wants us to repent. Patience or Long-suffering doesn't mean the absence of discipline or correction because He said He only corrects those He loves. He shows His patience by disciplining us instead of walking away from us when we sin. Please listen to this Wednesdays message on Patience and Long-suffering - if we are patient with others God will be patient with us. Current Events are the first 20 minutes of the recording.

April 5, 2015  

I Am the Resurrection and the Life

Pastor Brooks concludes his series "Who is Jesus?" with a message on Easter Sunday.

April 1, 2015  

“Love” Part 2 The Fruit Of The Spirit (Week #2)

This week we continue our Wednesday night series on Love (part 2). Love is 1 of the 9 elements of the fruit of the spirit, or the evidence that we are walking with Jesus. God's Word says if we love Him then we will obey or keep His commands. In His Word (the bible), He commands us to love others and He explains what that love looks like in detail. Jesus said if we are obedient to God's commands on loving people the way He says to love them, then in return, God will love us. Find out what it means to love others the way God says to love not what you think, but what He thinks. God is love! Each Wednesday night lesson begins with current events.

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