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January 29, 2017  

The Attributes Of God - Omnipotent

Pastor Brooks continues in his series 'Attributes of God' with a message about the power of God.

January 25, 2017  

“Identifying The Giants” Part 3

In week three of our series “Identifying The Giants”.  God's Word identifies these specific characters and characterisitics/spirits in all walks of life from work, school, family etc, that will come up against the believer. God's Word tells us what to look for and how to deal with these spirits or evil seed. These characters or spirits can which still are rule by the evil seed, need to be watered in order to grow. That watering comes from their environment: media, government, education etc. So, what are you watering your spirit man with? The Word or the World?  


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January 22, 2017  

The Attributes Of God - Omniscient

Pastor Brooks continues in his series 'The Attributes Of God' with a message about our all-knowing God.

January 18, 2017  

“Identifying The Giants” Part 2

In week two of our series “Identifying The Giants”.  Gods Word tells us that there will be giants in our lives that comes against not only us, but our friends and family as well. These giants or evil forces are meant to stop you from the promises in Gods Word. The promise for peace, protection and hope. These giants take on many forms from divorce, unemployment, financial difficulties, family division, addictions etc. They also manifest themselves through depression, anxiety, fear etc. God created us and knows what we need to do to stop these giants in our lives and in the lives of our families and friends.  These literal giants stopped God’s people from entering the Promised Land but we have the knowledge through Gods Word to overcome these giants ! Where the Word of  a King is, there is Power !


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January 15, 2017  

The Attributes Of God - Omnipresent

Pastor Brooks begins a new series "The Attributes Of God" with a message about God's omnipresence.

January 11, 2017  

“Identifying The Giants” Part 1

In week one of our new series “Identifying The Giants “. Gods Word says in the last days it would be a “spiritually difficult time”. The difficulties will be manifested through people and situations in our lives that the enemy uses to come up against Gods people. From the beginning of time starting in Genesis, Gods Word says that there were giants in the land which were the seed of the serpent or satan and they multiplied on the face of the earth trying to destroy Gods People. The giants that you and I are facing and will be encountering during these last days are found at our job, family and at our churches. We need to be able to identify these giants or spirits that manifest themselves by specific characters and personalities that the bible identifies for us and teaches how to fight against them. The lesson begins at the 18:25 minute mark, following current events.

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January 8, 2017  

“The Tongue Reveals What The Heart Believes”

God gives all of us a choice of choosing life or death, obedience or disobedience. You and I choose if we want to follow His Word, His commands, His Laws and what our heart decides, it turns into thoughts which manifests themselves into Words. Either Gods Word which is faith and believing that God is for me and not against me or satans words which are fear and doubt. Gods Word is our binding contract and the question is, do you believe in what God has written? Do you believe something different? From disappointment, sickness, financial troubles, there will be things in your life that cause your heart to doubt and be in pain, that is why the Word says to guard your heart and fill it with Gods Words. Because, out of the abundance of your heart (what you believe) your mouth will speak and it will put into motions the things that God has promised or the deception that the enemy wants you to believe. Read Gods Word daily, believe it, take captive every thought and speak life, speak Gods Word because it reveals what you believe.


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January 1, 2017  

“Preparing While You Wait”

No one likes to wait. But, when we know something is going to be good we are willing to wait for it. So, what do you do when waiting for the next step that God has for you in your life? Do you prepare for it? Do you complain? Become fearful when the wait is longer then you thought? ready to give up and go a different direction? In the natural, we understand waiting. Waiting to finish college before I can become an engineer, waiting till your old enough to vote, waiting till you have enough money saved etc. God will promote you when you are ready - don't waste your time while waiting and miss the opportunity that God has given you time to prepare for the "good thing" where He will prosper you for His Purpose.


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