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January 30, 2018  

Sunday Sermon The Life Of Christ-Standing Firm

This week, Pastor Brooks continues his series on The Life of Christ, "Standing Firm".

January 23, 2018  

Sunday Morning The Life of Christ- Walking In Obedience

This week, Pastor Brooks continues his series on The Life of Christ, "Walking In Obedience". Jesus modeled complete obedience by being baptized by John the Baptist.

January 16, 2018  

Sunday Morning The Life Of Christ- A Different Life

This week, Pastor Brooks started a new sermon series on the Life Of Christ. The first sermon in the series is titled A Different Life. "You cannot head the right direction until you stop going the wrong direction." Pastor Brooks challenges the church to live a life of repentance and to go after Jesus.

January 7, 2018  

Humble Yourself (by Fasting/Praying) So God Can Lift You Up

(Sunday 01/07/18) Fasting and prayer is called humbling yourself in the Bible.  If we humble ourselves before the Lord by fasting (limiting our food) and prayer, God said that He will lift us up. In preparation for the Ten Commandments and getting direction from God, Moses was instructed to prepare himself by fasting and then go up the mountain. It was after Moses humbled himself by fasting, went to the top of the mountain that God revealed Himself to Moses which caused his face to glow. When we fast and pray or humble ourselves, God will elevate us. Just like Moses at the top of the mountain, when God lifts us up, when our elevation changes so does our perception. When we schedule our time of humility (prayer and fasting) God will reveal Himself to us, give direction and put a supernatural glow on you that everyone will be able to see that you have been in the presence of an almighty God. Please listed to this sermon on humbling yourself by fasting and praying.

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January 1, 2018  

Sunday Morning - New Year’s Eve Service - Water Baptism

This week, the last Sunday of 2017, Pastor Brooks shares the importance of Water Baptism and baptizes a few members of the congregation.

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