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January 11, 2017  

“Identifying The Giants” Part 1

January 11, 2017

In week one of our new series “Identifying The Giants “. Gods Word says in the last days it would be a “spiritually difficult time”. The difficulties will be manifested through people and situations in our lives that the enemy uses to come up against Gods people. From the beginning of time starting in Genesis, Gods Word says that there were giants in the land which were the seed of the serpent or satan and they multiplied on the face of the earth trying to destroy Gods People. The giants that you and I are facing and will be encountering during these last days are found at our job, family and at our churches. We need to be able to identify these giants or spirits that manifest themselves by specific characters and personalities that the bible identifies for us and teaches how to fight against them. The lesson begins at the 18:25 minute mark, following current events.

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