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September 14, 2016  

“The Tribulation & Ten Toes Of Daniel” Part 2

September 14, 2016

Tonight (09/14/16) in week 2 of the series "The Tribulation & Ten Toes Of Daniel” we are studying the prophetic dream that King Nebuchadnezzar had regarding the empires to follow the Babylonian Empire. These empires were told to him by Daniel as he told the King what he dreamt and then interpreted for the King that they would come into existence following the Babylonian empire. Daniel was called a prophet by Jesus in Matthew 24 because Daniel was right, God had told him the dream and told him what it meant for you and I to be aware of it today. These Empires will show us where the antichrist will come from and the nations that will join him. Jesus commanded us to know that we are living at the Time Of The End and to know the prophecies of Daniel. The lesson begins at the 21:38 minute mark, following current events. For notes, audio podcasts and more messages go to

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