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November 26, 2017  

Are You Living By Faith?

November 26, 2017

Sunday 11/26/17 "Are You Living By Faith?"....God said without faith, it is impossible to please Him. He created us for His pleasure or to do His will so the question is are we? are we living by faith and do our actions or works prove it? Because faith without the works to prove it leads to death. Obedience to God’s Commands proves we love Him and we are to always to obey as we move and live by faith to where He tells us to go. The Bible said that Moses settled or was content to stay where he wanted to raise his family - no faith involved to do his choice. But God told him to name his child Gershom which meant, “this place is only temporary”. God was trying to get Moses attention (the burning bush), to change his life, to get out of the rut (even though it was a good rut) but a rut always leads to boredom and a dead end. It was only after Moses decided that “I will now turn” to see what God wants of me that God spoke and the man who once settled became a man full of faith that lived a life that was pleasing unto God. He parted the Red Sea, wrote down the Ten Commandments, freed God’s People from slavery… are you living by faith? are you in a rut? have you settled for your plan and not Gods?

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