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November 29, 2017  

“As In The Days Of Noah” Part 14

November 29, 2017

(Wednesday - 11/29/17) Part 14 of , “As In The Days Of Noah”.  Right before Jesus raptures the Church, the bible says in Joel Chapter 2 and Acts Chapter 2 that there would be a latter rain that would be poured out. All throughout the Bible there was always a pouring out of the spirit or the reference of water before a great travail or tribulation took place. Just as in the 9th month of pregnancy when the water breaks, it is a sign that the great tribulation or travail of child birth is about to take place. The breaking of water needs to take place before the promise of the child at birth and so is the outpouring of the latter rain for the understanding of signs and visions which is the forth telling of what was already foretold of the promise of the return of Christ and the great tribulation or travail. Please listen to this study on the latter rain and why it is needed and for those who have a ear, let them hear what the Spirit is saying. The lesson begins at the 22:34 minute mark following End Times In The Headlines (Current Events). To download notes, audio podcasts and more messages go to


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