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May 25, 2016  

“The Blessing Of God” Part 4

May 25, 2016

(Wednesday 05/25/16) God is the same yesterday, today and He will be the same tomorrow. He wants to pour out a blessing on those who are obedient to His commands. That blessing will give you more than enough in all areas of your life for the plan that He wants you to do. Gods plan is for us to work, to be fruitful and multiply. To be a witness and go make disciples but His plan is not for us to toil. Toil means no hope, no blessing, sorrow and always having to get "things" for yourself. God blessing on you takes away the anxiousness and worry - be obedient and He will give you an abundance of what you need in all areas (financial, relational and physical). Please listen to this message on how blesses those who are obedient to Him. The lesson begins at the 14:00 minute mark, following current events. 

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