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August 17, 2016  

“The Righteousness Of God” Part 8

August 17, 2016

Tonight (08/17/16) in week 8 of the series “The Righteousness Of God”.  God said we are to be planted or work in all areas of life. From the automotive industry, government jobs, sports, medical field etc. If you are righteous, just like the Prophet Daniel was, God will promote you. Daniel did not work for a church, he did not work for a christian boss or a christian organization yet he was promoted. Daniel was captured and brought to Babylon and because he was found dependable, trustworthy and had an excellent spirit about him, the king wanted to place him over the entire kingdom. The king ordered the entire kingdom to worship the God of Daniel. Where ever God sends you, He will promote you if you can be trusted with the little things He will give you greater things. The lesson begins at the 12:15 minute mark, following current events. For notes, audio podcasts and more messages go to

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