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August 24, 2016  

“The Righteousness Of God” Part 9

August 24, 2016

Tonight (08/24/16) in week 9 of the series “The Righteousness Of God”.  God loves us so much that He tells us what and who to stay away from - it’s for our protection. Our natural man or old way of thinking may not like it, agree with it but our thoughts are not Gods thoughts or our ways are not His. His way is the only way if want to be apart of the Kingdom Of God. His Word also tells us what “we” are to be like, imitators of Christ so we can pull others up out of their old way of living by living a Godly life. We are called to be thermostats and not thermometers. We are supposed to go into work, home, hobbies and be a godly example and not be like the ones we are coming around. Do what is right and God will promote you ! The lesson begins at the 30:04 minute mark, following current events. For notes, audio podcasts and more messages go to

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