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August 10, 2016  

“The Righteousness Of God” Part 7

August 10, 2016

Tonight (08/10/16) in week 7 of the series “The Righteousness Of God”.  Understanding our roles in the kingdom of God as priests and kings during these “End Of Days” is vital. The priests/pastors or watchmen need to sound the alarms to the current events that were prophesied would take place prior to Christ return so the kings know what to look for. From getting rid of sin, and friends that pull you down into sin - the pastor needs to be bold and unafraid of speaking Gods Word. That Word is for protection for the kings - the ones who go out and make disciples/kings. God said that habitual sin will not enter the kingdom and that sin needs to be revealed in Gods Word.. The lesson begins at the 27:21minute mark, following current events. 

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